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About Us

Welcome to! was first setup in January 2003 with the aim of making it easier for potential employers to select their maids from the comfort of their homes and offices.

Employers have the options of selecting maids from a list of licenced Singapore maid agencies or even directly from current transfer maids themselves (select Direct Employment under Agency Listing).

With Internet and broadband becoming very common, many Internet-savvy employers enjoy the convenience of short-listing their maids online before contacting the agencies concern. This is especially true for transfer maids already in Singapore who can then be contacted for personal interviews. also allows a maid currently working in Singapore (needing to change employer for whatsoever reason) to list her bio-data directly (without using any agency to save cost) over the Internet for the widest possible exposure of new potential employers.

A small nominal fee will be charged for this service (Call 9383-6773, use Feedback or email for more details). Interviews can be arranged directly between the employers and the maids themselves. Employers deciding to confirm employing a maid may then wish to engage an agency listed with to process the papers.

We welcome all agencies, employers and maids to contact us should they have any interest or suggestion. We will be expanding our list of agencies and bio-data over time and aim to be the main hub of all maid agencies, employers and maids to interact in the future.